Pacific Island Ministries Clean Water Project

Safe drinking water in Papua New Guinea is is a problem, similar to that of most impoverished countries throughout the world. PIM continuously receives requests to provide villagers with clean water for domestic use. These people have seen the impact clean water has made in other villages and they also want the blessing of non-contaminated water.

The average cost of a typical rain catchment structure with tank is $20,000, varying based on where a village is located. Villagers are required to supply ironwood posts, gravel for concrete, labor, and usually food and accommodations for system builders. The mission supplies trusses, gutters, roofing, polyethylene tanks, piping, construction, and instruction for maintenance. Catchment buildings are dual purpose, both collecting the over 120 inches of rain per year and providing a community gathering center used for education and worship.Your support is a huge blessing to the health and improved lifestyle of the families of those in need.

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