Pacific Island Ministries
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Pacific Island Ministries
May River village classroom Bible Study Saundaun Prov. Seminar
May River village classroom
Bible Study
Saundaun Prov. Seminar
National pastors and missionaries teach a variety of short term courses. These include seminars for village pastors, Sunday School teacher training, Christian marriage, leadership, village managers, and teacher in-service training
300 local churches of different denominations use Sunday school materials published by PIM to instruct thousands of students. Teachers appreciate the twenty-one books of Bible lessons which cover three age groups.
Sunday Schools
Up to forty primary schools operate in scattered villages of the Sepik river basin. Teachers, trained by PIM, use a curriculum developed by the mission and teach in Melanesian Pidgin and English. Adult literacy classes also occur, however most students are under 10 years old.
Christian Education
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