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Pacific Island Ministries
Holding ice for the first time
Holding ice for the first time
Elementary Schools. PIM conducts K - 3 classes in Melanesian (PNG Tok Pisin) to assist primary age children's adjustment to the English-oriented classroom of the community school to learn the basics. Highly successful and in great demand, the village schools, with hundreds of students coordinated by experienced supervisory national personnel, focus on teaching knowledge of the Scriptures. They foster God's law, principles, memorization, and Bible stories, along with achieving literacy in Melanesian.

Training and Discipling. PIM takes the command to disciple very much to heart. Experienced PIM nationals conduct courses at Ambunti and other areas to train leadership personnel in pastoring, teaching and administration, Sunday schools, community guidance, as well as village personnel in specialized areas such as health and marriage relationships. These courses undergird PIM's other activities.

Church Development. PIM promotes indigenous local church establishment and growth by training pastors and teachers in its short courses. It also sponsors an active Sunday school publishing program for various churches in PNG.

Service Activities. PIM's purpose is to serve the community. It operates a mechanical repair shop, a joinery for woodworking, small sawmills, an air agency, and communication and transport service for the sick. In addition, PIM construction crews aid communities by building service centers, health care facilities, water systems, schools, community facilities, and churches.

Sunday School. Teaching materials are produced by PIM for distribution for over 300 Sunday schools serving 10,000 students in different areas of PNG. Training courses are regularly conducted by national personnel in various centers to prepare teachers in the use of these materials.

Village Health Care. PIM supports medical and health care services. Volunteer health workers are trained by PIM (developed in conjunction with the Stanford Medical School and the government) to provide service in many Sepik basin villages. Several community health workers with additional training now aid villages distant from any other medical care.

Water Systems Installation. For twenty five years PIM has been erecting and maintaining rain catchment water systems. Over 185 systems have been completed. Other installations use springs or clean stream water. Corrugated galvanized tanks are currently being replaced by polyethylene containers when funds are made available. Much appreciated by villagers, the water systems improve village health and ease the subsistence living conditions of the people.
PIM encourages local communities involvement and financial participation in these ministries and services described below , however the little they have fails to meet costs. These programs only continue with the support of Christians concerned about making an impact in the lives of the needy.
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