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PIM's purpose can be stated in a sentence with key words emphasizing its seven aspects: PIM TEACHES and TRAINS for OBEDIENCE to GODíS WORD that believers SERVE in a HOLISTIC manner to fulfil NEEDS in obedience to CHRIST. In each of these areas PIM tries to make a special contribution. Two texts providing guidance for this approach are Matthew 28:19-20 and Ephesians 4:12-13. They are the Great Commission and Apostle Paulís directive to "Equip Godís people for the work of Christian service.Ē

A. TEACHING AND TRAINING. Discipling is teaching. God created man with the drive to become more than he is. PIM tries to foster this motive to help the Christian become what God wants him to be. Numerous short courses, teacher training classes, leadership and management seminars, elementary schools, a Sunday school program involving production and distribution of materials, and on-the-job training attest to this pursuit.

B. OBEDIENCE is the call of Scripture. Jesus says, "He who has my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me..." (John 14:21). PIM aims to help the believer mature by learning to love Christís commands. Though the mission is evangelistic and works to this end, its primary concern is that the Christian grow in conformity to Christ so he becomes a productive member of the Body and an asset to the community.

C. PIM's focus is on GODíS WORD. To obey Scripture one needs to know it. PIMís courses, elementary schools, Sunday schools, church development program, and devotional activities teach the Bible as the foundation of all knowledge, authority, and conduct.

D. PIM's goal is to SERVE. It aims to aid individuals, churches, the government, and other missions. PIM is not a mission in the usual sense of the term. It is not a church or denomination. It does not baptize, perform ecclesiastical functions, or conduct communion. In all its activities, however, the missionís object is to train God's people to develop their gifts and talents for service to others. One of the objects of this service is to prepare disciples for local church development who look to the Word of God for direction.

E. The mission is HOLISTIC in method. It aims to respond to all human need, not just spiritual. Man being body, soul, and spirit, we believe sound development comes when his physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs are met.

F. PIM responds to NEED. PIM pioneers at the ends of the earth. It does not have any prescribed method. It aims to determine need and try to respond to that need in the particular locale. PIMís motto is: "Working WITH the needy in their development." With this hands on approach PIM entertains requests for assistance, analyzes the need, and then responds to it as it is able and appropriate in the specific milieu from a biblical perspective. We believe this is in line with Christís statement, ďThe Son of Man can do nothing except what He sees the Father doing.Ē

G. PIM works in obedience to CHRIST. He is head of a kingdom in which men recognize authority, responsibility, gifts, and rights of each other. The aim is to develop effective, innovating working teams with each member submitting to Christ's rule and all to each other.
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