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Pacific Island Ministries has worked in the backwaters of the jungles of Papua New Guinea to aid the poorest of the poor since 1977. PIM is a Christian 501(c)(3) nonprofit that now aims to fulfill a seven year program to erect 100 rain catchment water systems in two Sepik provinces of PNG. This document aims to acquaint you with the need of clean water for the needy and convince you that we can be trusted to accomplish the task as stated.

The name of this program is The 2014-20 Clean Water Project (or CWP) of PNG. Its aim is to raise $300,000 per annum for seven years to construct 14 systems each year and continue to maintain and enlarge existing systems. Trained nationals, who have been taught moral and operating principles by PIM, have constructed in the last 35 years over 200 various types of rain catchment systems. Some of these have been placed on higher ground to feed outlets at various sites in the remote villages. However, two main types of structures are now used to catch and store the abundant water that rain provides. Locals have learned that PIM is knowledgeable and experienced in the construction of rain catchment water systems.

PIM has received over 50 requests to provide villagers with clean water for domestic use. These people have seen that clean water has been made available in other villages and they also want the blessing. With the existing need and with the many amenities that we enjoy in Western Civilization, I personally believe it is a shame and disgrace that people in New Guinea must still drink contaminated water from streams and holes in the ground from rain runoff. Therefore, we are determined to change the circumstances regarding domestic water in the Sepik region of PNG and we ask you to help.

The average cost of a typical rain catchment structure with tank(s) (Type A and type B) is about $16,000. However, village circumstances and distance to the village can increase the cost as much as 100%. And since many systems have already been built near the PIM's headquarters at Ambunti, the additional systems will create higher transports costs.
Villagers are required to supply ironwood posts, gravel for concrete, labor, and usually food and accommodations for system builders. The mission supplies trusses, gutters, roofing, polyethylene tanks, piping, construction, and instruction for maintenance.

PIM will keep supporters informed of construction progress, depending upon requests and degree of support. Quarterly reports on how monies have been used will be sent to regular donors. Records are kept in the mission's Ambunti headquarters of systems build, maintained, and enlarged and are available to any upon request.

Gifts to Pacific Island Ministries are tax deductible. Checks designating "Water Systems" should be made out to it. PIM will use no more than 15% of its income for promotion, travel, salaries, or other non-project costs. That is in technical terms, PIM will spend 15% or less for Support Services. At least 85% will be sent overseas to PNG for the construction of water systems.

Many would be grateful for your part in producing clean water for the needy in Papua New Guinea. We pray you can help us out.

Sincerely yours,
Orneal Kooyers, Founder
Trained PNG nationals prepare materials for water systems and then transport them to villages along the Sepik River and its tributaries.
In some villages water holes provide water for drinking and other domestic use. Disease can spread through these easily contaminated sources.
To: Those who wish to provide clean water for those who have none

From: Those who know how to provide it
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